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Hi my name is Debbie and I am 50 years old. I am a Test Engineer for a large aerospace corporation for over 30 years. I have always enjoyed my job, but also can’t wait until my husband and I can retire. Three years ago I had to leave my home town in Mississippi to continue to be employed, which meant I had to transfer to Sunnyvale, CA what a shocker for me. This would mean leaving all of our family and friends behind, never had to do that before.

California is extremely large for me, but I decided I will just have to get use to it, I do have to work for a few more years. After being here for a year I realized I had to find something to do besides work, I needed a Hobby and they do have a lot of different type of hobbies to choose from here, so I decided I would take advantage of that.

My mother has always been artistic as has my great grandmother.  My mother was a flora designer and is presently a certified Bob Ross art instructor. Perhaps the branch didn’t fall to far from the tree. I will also share some of those items with you too. If you would like to purchase anything please let me know.

As I began to look around for things to do I found a very nice lady who taught classes on How to make Stained Glass. I have always loved Stained Glass ever since I was a child going to church, I even remember saying to my mother I wish I knew how to do that.

Well guess what now I had my chance. My husband and I signed up for the classes and we loved it. We have done quiet a few pieces so far that I will share with you.

We decided to start this website to share with you the history of stained glass and many others things, such as stained glass patterns, photos of projects including some Mosaic things, where to purchase tools, glass and other supplies. We would also like to help you or answer questions that you may have. We hope to keep stained glass history for future generations.

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