Stained Glass – Moving From Ancient to Modern

Stained glass from ancient to modern Mosaic

Stained glass is the ancient glass art that was used for decorating churches, chapels and important shrines and places of pilgrimage in the ancient times. From its past heritage and usage to the modern decoration ideas, stained glass art has come a long way. It is today one of the breathtaking concepts in design and decorating public places and recreational joints with modern scriptures, caricatures, public figures, beauty depictions, female figures, and animal forms.

The stained form of glass began its modern curve in the 19th Century itself with the use of the art for decorating glass windows and doors in homes. From the European to the Asian homes, the form became a regular option for colored glass doors and windows, entrance doors, verandah or porch doors, patio and gallery boundary etc. One can now find their use in modern workplaces and commercial centers.

The use of the stained glass art is visible in office cabins, workstation area and other interior as well as exterior décor of an office. Today, the said form of glass is one of the essential parts of decoration used in uplifting the appearance of a place. This art is employed to use the company logo and brand image on glass. The company logo is made conspicuous in the interior setting as well as used in entrance doors of an office cabin. The main commercial building entrance also has this art form in its various subtle forms. The use of different images and figures complementing the business logo, business image and brand identity is also used at such places.

Last but not the least; this art form is used at various recreational places and eating joints. The best of bars, night clubs and hangout places in Richmond and adjoining regions use stained form of glass to decorate the interiors of seating bar areas, dance floors and groove stations. The use of female figures, their caricatures, use of modern art, faces of popular personalities, interesting quotes and symbols and a whole lot of other ideas are used to decorate interior and exterior areas at such places.

Therefore, one can find a perfect blend of ancient stained glass art and modern usage at different places in the city of Richmond. There are quality artists who use this art to create colored glass windows, doors, and other decorative material for residential and commercial places. This adds more value and color to their property and also gives a creative edge to them.

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