Our Second Project was Really Fun

Second Project

I am behind on my post, sorry about that but the whole crew has been sick for almost a month. Things are getting back to normal now from the holidays and this terrible bronchitis, so let’s get busy. I do have to say our second project was really fun we had to pick our own thing to do, so of course I picked a girly thing and my husband picked something more manly. I chose to do a Magnolia, which I love magnolia’s and he picked a landscape scene. It was pretty easy picking the color’s this time and the teacher was very helpful. Matching colors can be a little difficult at first but that gets easier.

So we cut out all the pattern pieces and started cutting the glass, I was still not very good at that and broke quite a few pieces, which means you start over by cutting out the pattern again and gluing again.  My husband was doing way better than I was at the glass cutting and grinding, this was stressing me out, I thought I was never going to be able to keep up with him. So of course this started to be a little competitive and I had to get better or I was never going to catch up. We really had a lot of fun though, and on our way home from class I told him next class I was catching up to him, maybe that was what I needed because our next class I did a lot better, no broken glass the next night and grinding all of a sudden was easier than before. After all the pieces were cut and grinding was complete we cleaned everything and foiled so when we came to the last class we could complete our projects and take them home.

So here it was the last night of class and we were very excited to complete our projects, so we got busy as soon as we got there, with cutting the frame, applying flux and soldering, well, my soldering was still not the best but it was acceptable. We cleaned everything up applied the patina to make it a dark color; I prefer the dark colors on most things. I kept thinking we all done except for adding the chain to hang it with and applying the wax and buffing, hope she will let us stay and complete this it was really a lot of work for the last class but we had to complete it. We were so happy with our final product that we were hooked; before we could leave I had to buy stuff to work at home, this was definitely going to be our new hobby.

I was so excited that I would now have a hobby, instead of just working all the time. This was going to require quite a few things before I could do this at home, we bought a lot of things from the Glass Workshop, but I was going to need all the required items just to get started, For example: I would need, glass cutters, grinder, gloves, and a place to work on etc… The next day I was looking online to find things to start my next project and that is when I found Delphi Glass which is listed on the right of this page. They have everything you could think of in that store, Glass, Jewelry, Kilns, Books, Bottle art and more. I love shopping there and they ship directly to your front door. If you cannot find it in this store they also have things on Amazon which is also listed on the right. Hope you enjoy this post and see you soon. If you have any questions, please email me.

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