Chalk Painted Furniture

Chalk paint before

Red chalk paint tablesI thought I would try something new and see how I liked it. I have a friend who does chalk paint and she walked me through my first project. Check out her Facebook page at the link below.

I found these tables at a garage sale for 8 dollars and paint and supplies for maybe 25 dollars. This was really fun and not hard at all. Just clean, paint, sand lightly and wax. Now to get some new glass to add, something fancy I think. This was only a test to see how difficult this might be for me, but this was so easy I am sure I will be doing this again real soon. This being my first chalk paint project and not sure how they would come out I was planning to sell in a garage sale or something, but I like them so much I think I will keep them. I hope you like it.

Chalk paint info link below:

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10 Responses to “Chalk Painted Furniture”

  1. Laura Berryman says:

    This came out beautiful! I would keep them too, if I were you. I have several pieces of furniture that are vintage, antique, or just plain old (but with nice features) that I need to re-finish. I would love for you to give me some input when you’re in town!

  2. carolynne salser says:

    Sounds like you enjoyed taking something old and transforming it into something pretty

  3. brandy says:

    Hi ..i have a couple questions …i need some ideas for a wicker trunk ..medium size .. an for the second.. I know it’s a lil off topic ..but…..i have quite a lot of my son’s Playstation 2 video games cases that are empty ….with a creative mind ..i thought maybe u could think of something unique..if u can think of any ideas…plz mam ..a lot have the cover papers still with them. most all in good shape …id read where ppl actually buy them …but I’d like to keep them ..they were my son’s first games ..he is 15 now …so even if I could display them somehow or recycle the ones that are in poor condition…anyway …just saw such pretty work an thought I was give it a shot and ask …thanks in advance ..happy holidays

    • brandy says:

      An also ….love the tables …i read an article how using wax candle before u paint gives it a chalked look …also Vasoline. .who knew ? ..just a couple things I’d read …love that color ! What is it ..if I can ask …

    • dkerr says:

      Brandy sounds like a good project, you can also chalk paint wicker, not to sure about the games cases I would have to think about that. Thanks for visiting come back again and Happy Holidays to you.

  4. tristansmommy says:

    Awesome work maybe you could help me and we do my kitchen table…

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