Stained Glass Name’s

This next project was for our two newest grandchildren. I decided that we would work a piece using something I learned when I was young.  My father taught me to write my name in bubble letters and I use to doodle names all the time using the bubble letters. I thought it would be something different to try in stained glass. The letters were easy to draw, but cutting them was not as easy as I thought, thank goodness for the saw. I still have two more to do. I hope the kids enjoy them. I enjoyed making them and plan to make some more with regular letters next time.




image (15)








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5 Responses to “Stained Glass Name’s”

  1. Shari Schielke says:

    I liked what you did with the names. That’s pretty cool.

  2. Dori Richard says:


  3. carolynne salser says:

    I really like that picture frame nice job Debbie

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